The wine world is divided into two factions: old world and new world wines. How can two grape varietals, one from the new world and one from the old world each grown in their own terroir, be blended together to produce a fine wine?

Melanie Hickman

Melanie, a sales representative for a major pharmaceutical company was on the top of her career game, yet working in a field that didn’t feed her soul. Consistently ranked top in her sales division, financially independent, surrounded by loving and supportive friends and living the life in Hawaii. A budding wine lover who thrived on travel. From the outside, her life seemed perfect … but something was missing.

David, a passionate and talented Spanish winemaker struggling to make ends meet. Driven to make wines with soul, but financially burdened by mistakes from his past and having to support his ailing mother. His friends and his non-stop work schedule diverted his mind from stopping to evaluate his life and what lies ahead.

The two meet randomly during a layover in Madrid and bond through an intense mutual attraction and their deep love of wine. After knowing each other less than 24 hours, they decide to keep in touch and potentially meet again one day. A few months later they spend a glorious week together in Chicago and then quickly return to their separate lives on opposite sides of the world.  Over time, distance, language barriers, cultural differences and misunderstandings slowly ate away at their fairy tale romance. After two years, one hand-written letter changed the path of their lives.